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  • October 11, 2013:
    Positive feedback from a customer
    "I bought my oStylus around two years ago, and I just really wanted to say thank you - I am currently studying at university and it really has revolutionised how I work. It has definitely been the best stylus I have ever bought (both in terms of comfort to use and accuracy of writing), and is perfect for note taking in lectures and doing assignments."


  • September 28, 2012: TouchReviews.net
    Touch Reviews' overview of seven styluses for artists. "...one of the more uniquely styled styluses. It’s a thinner shaft than most styluses and the barrel is one solid piece. The cold aluminium shaft feels good in the hand and its lightweight makes it feel very comfortable in the hand... excellent precision drawing." Touch Reviews' overview of seven styluses for artists.


  • 22 May, 2012:
    Positive feedback from a customer who bought both models and compares them:
    "I've had some time over the weekend to try them out, and I am very pleased. It is clear that you have honed them both to pull the maximum possible out of the Apple devices. I feel that I have purchased the best possible stylus tools, and I am glad that I ordered both. The original oStylus is a unique offering. It is ideal for close detail work, especially tracing around objects or filling in shapes. The new dot model is great for handwriting and freehand sketching. Also, on the iPhone's smaller screen, the dot model allows you to write very close to the edge of the screen. So, again, I'm glad I got both tools since the combination allows one to address the whole spectrum of writing and drawing needs. So, thanks very much for some great tools." S.C. in VA


  • 11 April, 2012:
    Brief description of both models at iLounge:


  • 14 March, 2012:
    The new oStylus • DOT is released. Reviews page here:


  • 5 March, 2012: AppAdvice.com
    "Without Stylus Support, iBooks can't 'reinvent' the Textbook". Article ends: "When iBooks finally loves the oStylus as much as yours truly, I’ll finally believe iBooks will truly take off."


  • 11 March, 2011: Main Device
    oStylus makes it into the "Top 10 iPad Stylus to Use". "...an entirely metal iPad stylus that has some neat ideas."


  • 27 January, 2012: AppAdvice.com
    The last comment in a hands-on session with a competitor's brush stylus: "These are certainly among the best capacitive styli you can get, but the oStylus is still number one."


  • 4 January 2012: Dynamick.it in Italian
    Dynamik.it English translation
    Comprehensive review and overview of the oStylus.


  • 25 July 2011: TomsGuide.com
    Tablet Artistry: Tools and Styluses Tested:
    "The swiveling hinges -- which are also nice and sturdy -- puts the tip at a great angle for sketching and drawing however you hold your hand." A good summary of the leading styluses in this long feature, with pros and cons for each. The page about the oStylus is here.


  • 2 June 2011: Mobile.NYTimes.com
    iPad Creativity Tools article includes this mention:
    "A novel pen called the oStylus, $38 [actually it's $37.50], looks eerily like a scalpel used in an operating room, but is designed to offer an accurate penlike experience for the iPad." This article is a very useful overview of software for photography, drawing, writing and handwriting.


  • 24 May 2011: TodaysiPhone.com
    Overview of several stylii, including the oStylus, about which they say:
    "a beautiful design, truly a merging of form and function... you can actually see the line you're drawing... it steals the show for drawing, sketching and other artistic endeavors..." They mention that the stylus allows you to hold it at a variety of angles to simulate different media "conforming to how your hand works, not the other way around."


  • 3 Apr 2011: iPad.net
    Brief review comparing the benefits of the oStylus and the Alupen.


  • 28 Feb 2011: CatchUp - SketchUcation Community News - Edition 1 (PDF)
    "I have tried the oStylus with a number of new Drawing and CAD Apps to be found on the App Store - SketchBook, iPocket Draw, cadTouch R3 and iDesign. The oStylus helps hugely and gave me the 'comfort factor' of having a pen in my hand while drawing."


  • 25 Jan 2011: YouTube video
    Six minute video of anime/manga artist Yoshitoshi ABe drawing with an oStylus on an iPad.


  • 12 Dec 2010: techaperture.com
    Tech|Aperture has a review of the oStylus with a short video at the end. "This is an excellent product, and it's also one I use every day."


  • 9 Dec 2010: Zonostyle.com video
    Short video of the oStylus writing notes in Japanese.

    Zonostyle has a comparative review of several styluses (in Japanese), here.


  • 23 Nov 2010: ChipChick.com
    "The design is minimalistic looking, but elegant and actually quite comfortable. It's designed after a pencil, so it's long and skinny, though a bit heavier and smoother than a pencil. It works very well for drawing."


  • 19 Nov 2010: iPadDoodler.com
    Scores well in a comparative review of 5 styluses: "The unique design of the ring donut shaped tip allows you to see exactly what marks you're making, as you make them. This is great for accuracy and let's you feel in complete control... Very natural feel to it."


  • 11 Nov 2010: modmyi.commodmyi's image of the oStylus
    Comparison between oStylus and Alupen for drawing on the iPad:
    "If you need something with greater precision, the oStylus is better for detail work and also for simulating the feel of a paintbrush. Bonus points for the ability to see the pixels as you paint!"


  • 4 Nov 2010: gizmag
    "The disc at the end of the oStylus allows users to see the point of contact on a capacitive touchscreen display, allowing for precise drawing and sketching."


  • 3 Nov 2010: Crave from CNET
    "At first glance, it looks more like something your dentist would use, but it's actually quite a cleverly designed contraption."


  • 3 Nov 2010: Wired.com's Gadget Lab
    "It's pretty amazing how much precision a draftsman can get with a stylus like this once they get over the learning curve."


  • 2 Nov 2010: Gizmodo
    "...lets you zero in on your every line."


  • 1 Nov 2010: Engadget
    "Now we're talking." See Engadget's original full review link below.


  • 1 Nov 2010: Trensupdates.com
    "...a unique addition to the list of accessories for capacitive display panels."


  • 1 Nov 2010: Apple Corps of Dallas
    "...if Steve Jobs had Apple make a stylus, this design might be it. It looks like it belongs with the Apple keyboard, mouse and trackpad."


  • 27 Oct 2010
    We are introducing the next oStylus series at a price of $37.50. It will still be hand assembled and finished in our studio to ensure a quality product.


  • 15 Oct 2010
    We are now registered as oStylus Design Studio, still connected to Goss Design Studio, but concentrating on the development of the oStylus.


  • 15 Oct 2010: Meio Bit
    in Portugese, says in translation: "The great thing [about] this stylus is that it works with the same precision in... touchscreen devices, but also for the touchpad on your laptop."


  • 14 Oct 2010: Letem Svetem
    Letem Svetem Allem drawing, coloring, or detailed painting is no problem, oStylus handle everything!" Here is a Google translation of the site.


  • 11 Oct 2010: Money Times (India)
    "The great thing about the oStylus is the level of comfort and accuracy it gives to its users."


  • 10 Oct 2010: A-Liaison Blog in Japanese


  • 4 Oct 2010: iPadItalia.com
    "I would consider the oStylus the best capacitive stylus in circulation today. Highly recommended..." "...professional, well-made, really like a small jewel of technology." [Google translation] An excellent video accompanies the review.


  • 1 Oct 2010: Engadget
    "Something you'd be proud to carry around with your capacitive tablet, and the well-thought-out design goes beyond aesthetics. It's essentially the perfect size and weight for drawing."
    Engadget's close-up photos
    (Note: The wire design has changed slightly on the current model from these pix.)


  • 24 Sep 2010: Kanawish's Den
    "I just got my oStylus in the mail, and I can say without a doubt, it's *the* iPad stylus that really shines. And I've tried a few."

  • 23 Sep 2010: the Gadgeteer
    "All in all, I will say that this is the best capacitive stylus that I've reviewed so far, and at the moment, it's my favorite."
    "The construction of the oStylus is very fine. I guess it should be considering that it was designed and partially handmade by jewelry makers."

  • 14 Sep 2010: Canadian Design Resource
    "Tackling some of the problems that current pen shaped computer interfaces have, this elegant design is ideal for artists and designers needing to keep an eye in the marks they are making on their iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and other touchscreen devices."

  • 3 Sep 2010: tmznews.org
    "A lovely looking limited edition stylus for touchscreens is being made public..."

  • What Users Say:

    "After some days of use, I confirm you that your stylus is incredible. Many persons ask me ...."what is? A medical instruments? Or what?...""(!!!) is a pen.....(!!)"
    "I just got my oStylus in the mail, and I can say without a doubt, it's *the* iPad stylus that really shines. And I've tried a few... I'll be trying to use it to prepare some rough drafts and ideas for our upcoming game project."
    "...it's the best crafted stylus I've ever had. I've owned the Pogo Stylus, the Targus and even various versions of the Dagi stylus--the oStylus trumps them all."
    "Got me the oStylus! Perfect for sketching and painting on me iPad."
    "Just got my oStylus today! One of the BEST stylus I have ever used! Definitely the best stylus on the market right now!"
    "...this is the equivalent of a decent fountain pen compared to a Bic disposable biro."
    "I love my oStylus! It works incredibly well, I can finally use my iPad to take notes with in class. The craftsmanship is incredibly good, this thing feels great in my hand and it's so nice to actually see what I'm writing while I'm writing it!"
    "...your stylus is absolutely perfect! This is best gadget for iPad ever!!!!!"
    "Workmanship: Awesome. Materials: Great. Handling: Perfect. Grip and weight balance: Perfect."
    "It's a lovely thing to (be)hold. I find myself doodling, just for the sake of using the oStylus now, plus the writing portion of my 'Teach Yourself Japanese' app, which had been unused as it simply wasn't practical with a fingertip, is now being used daily."
    "it is way better for writing than the pogo stick because of the size and the precision. Takes a bit getting used to but in the end far superior."
    (These are all unsolicited comments from oStylus owners.)


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