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Your finger blocks the screen. Even the foam-tip styluses cover too much. The original oStylus was designed by a jeweler for drawing and sketching on the iPad, iPhone, iPod – touchscreen (capacitive) devices – allowing you to see lines and colours as they are being drawn. The open contact O is also hinged so that it lies flat against the screen no matter how the stylus is held.

High quality materials: stainless steel, titanium, solid aluminum
Elegant design, comfortable to use

More images and videos of the original oStylus are here. More technical details are here.

    Features of the original oStylus:
  • Contact O made from a single piece of stainless steel with a beautiful matte finish
  • Titanium wire connection has been simplified for a more streamlined look and smoother pivot action
  • Solid aluminum handle has a sandblasted matte finish for a better feel in your hand
  • Smooth contact with the screen - thin vinyl layer - no scratching
  • Visually compatible with the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch - pen clip is included
  • This oStylus model is partly machine-made, but still assembled and finished by hand in our studio.

One review says: "This is the best capacitive stylus that I've reviewed so far."
And another: "I would consider the [original] oStylus the best capacitive stylus in circulation today. Highly recommended...".
Other reviews of the original oStylus are here.



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