Images of the oStylus DOT

(For images of the original oStylus go here.)

Top view of the oStylus DOT. The DOT swivels on the hinge so that the small 6 mm contact area is always
flat against the touchscreen.

oStylus DOT tip
Stainless steel contact pad makes a hinge with titanium wires.

contact surface of the DOT
Writing and note-taking is smoother and easier with the oStylus.
The bottom of the DOT has a vinyl surface for a low-friction glide.

end of handle showing logo
Aluminum handle end.

oStylus DOT in position
The oStylus DOT in position.

custom DOT styluses
We've been etching some unique textures onto the aluminum handles
- random patterns. They are all one-of-a-kind. If you are interested,
email us and we'll send you a photo of what we've got and you can choose one. ($75 each.)

plastic pouch for the oStylus
Plastic pouch (10 mil, with a flap) that now ships with the stylus (Note: image shows original oStylus).


oStylus DOT